Delivery and Shipping Policy

At Technet, we have several shipping options, although we always send shipments through courier companies. To know exactly how much your shipment will cost, keep in mind that this will depend on several factors: the destination, the selected delivery time, the amount of the purchase and the weight of the shipment.

Keep in mind that for delivery times to be met you must place the order before cut-off time. After this cut-off time, the order will be processed the next day, since we cannot deliver it to the transport company. Please note that the cut-off time depends on the transport selected. If you choose standard shipping, the cut-off time is 5:00 p.m. and if you choose express delivery, the cut-off time is 2:00 p.m.

Orders paid by transfer will not be effective until we receive the transfer amount in our checking account. Through the rest of the means of payment, the order will begin to be prepared immediately. If the order is urgent, we recommend not using bank transfer as a payment method.

Whenever you place an order on, we will inform you by email when we have shipped. In addition, we will monitor the delivery and contact you if there is a problem. That is why we ask that you provide us with a phone number in the ordering process.


Keep in mind that transport companies only work from Monday to Friday. They do not distribute on Saturdays or, of course, Sundays or holidays. In addition, when we give you approximate delivery dates, we do not take into account whether it is a local or regional holiday at the destination; We only consider national and local holidays of origin.

We cannot guarantee a delivery time. The transport companies may make the delivery throughout the agreed day before 20:00. However, an approximate schedule may be indicated that the company will try to meet, but is not required. In case they do not locate you, the transport company will try a second delivery agreed with you. If after the second attempt they do not locate you, you will have to pick up the order at the transport company’s facilities.


If an order is sent and cannot be delivered for reasons attributable to the customer, the amount paid for shipping costs will not be refunded, again having to pay other shipping costs for the reshipment of the merchandise.


The delivery times are indicative, they cannot be taken as a secure guarantee, although, generally, in 90% of the orders we fulfill them. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to modify the transport company with which we will send the package, but always maintaining transit times.

The liability of  Technet is limited in cases of force majeure (strikes, adverse weather events that prevent normal traffic by land, sea or air, …). In these cases, the orders will be delivered as soon as possible, and the terms indicated above will not apply.